You can simply follow this link Join Mypayingads to register new account

Well let’s go :

mpa registration

After clicking on register you will be redirected to this page :

mpa registration step one

Enter your details, click on signup and don’t forget to accept terms and conditions , you will receive email confirmation after that you will be able to use your mypayingads account and start earning money !

N.B: When you login to your account go to your profile ( under member tools ), choose your favorite payment processor ( to add funds and withdraw ) , choose your security question ( keep the answer in mind or write it on text document , you will use it to withdraw your earning ) .


Nice, now you can add funds to your account, the minimum amount is 5$ but i think is not enough if you want to make great benefits because with 5$ you will get only 1$ after 32 days so you can start with 50$ :

mpa add funds

Enter the amount and select your payment processor, click on preview than on paynow !!! Good , now you can purchase your shares and start earning money !

MPA purchase share

10/12/2015 : Let’s see my account , now my daily earning is ~23$ , i have 5 paid referrals and 17 free !

Mypayingads 10-12-2015

Mypayingads give us the oppurtunity to advertise our website for free , follow this link to know how !

How to Choose the Best RevShare Sites 2018?


Making money online with a revshare program is the dream of many people who choose a home based business to earn extra money. But it still a highly risky business, what you can do to prevent scam and Ponzi Scheme?

Choose best revshare sites

Check whois data of a domain and show if it was bought for a long time or not. You can use this tool to get the whois data. For example, expiring on 02/07/2025 so I can say that there is low risk. On the other side, expiry date is 09/02/2016 so chance are more to be a scam!

If you want to join a trusted revshare program use this one :

The percentage of benefits: A site like was offering 160% so many people blindly assumed higher earnings. They thought if they can invest 100$ to earn 160$. What about their earning? Is it possible to make 200-220$ by investing 100$, surely not. Some other websites offer only 120% to 130 %, the majority of them can be real and my advise is to try them to earn extra money. I am not talking the high-yield investment program (HYIP) because most of them are scam an use Ponzi Scheme.

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